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Forcefully created by Cyborneer, this Australium-powered warrior has sworn revenge to his "creator" for having turned him into what he is now, Unflinching and determined, he's one of the dreadiest foes the Australium Warriors have fought.

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  • "...that there are nearly 300 recognised Freaks?"
  • "...that the MeeM do not only come in Medic version?"
  • "...that The Shades work for someone who wants all Freaks dead?"
  • "...that Cybormedic was accidentally created by Cyborneer, his nemesis?"
  • "...that Soldine went through two different reconstructions that ended on the Soldine that he is today?"
  • "...that Seeman was originally called "Seemoman" during a short period of time after his creation?"


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Painis Cupcake and Vagineer, known cannibals, feeding on a gibbed Heavy.

<poll> Who was the first TF2 Freak you ever saw? Vagineer Painis Cupcake Seeman Christian Brutal Sniper Intelligent Heavy Demopan Other </poll>

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