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Creator CloverNoodle
Creation April 11, 2010
Debut Snyphurr
Type Abomination, Deity
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Aggressive, but obedient
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities Stone Gaze

Flaming Sword Missile

Status Alive
Occupation Vagineer's enforcer
Superiors BLU Vagineer
Doc Jarate
Enemies Sphai

Snyphurr is a large BLU Sniper TF2 Monster created by YouTube user CloverNoodle.

He is the main protagonist of The Snyphurr Saga.


Snyphurr was orignally a normal BLU Sniper who had been kidnapped by Doc Jarate, and then transformed via ritual into Snyphurr. Doc Jarate then sealed Snyphurr inside a Bugle, which was suddenly stolen by a BLU Vagineer who promptly ran off with it.

Appearance and Behaviour

Snyphurr is a giant BLU torso of a Sniper with his hands sticking out of the underside of the body.

He is sometimes regarded as a godlike entity, and is commonly worshipped by lesser Vagineers. He may be summoned by the BLU Vagineer in possession of the Bugle to take care of unwanted enemies, usually by turning them to stone with his signature special ability.

In terms of personality, he is an obedient follower of the owner of the Bugle. He seems to be an aggressive and hostile creature, and fights in a highly vicious manner.

Powers and Abilities

Once summoned by the BLU Vagineer, Snyphurr usually quickly reveals his red, fleshy and deformed face and gazes upon the target whilst emitting an ear-searing scream. Anyone looking back will be immediately turned into Stone.

He is able to use his considerable body mass as a weapon, ramming and tackling his opponents with brute force.

Once Snyphurr is harmed, he launches a fiery, homing Three-Rune Blade that pursues the target, acting like a makeshift tracer missile.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Few Monsters, like Seeman, are known to be immune to Snyphurr's Stone Gaze. For example, Crazy Machine has been known to nullify Snyphurr's Stone Gaze with a powerful glare.
  • Snyphurr can only use Stone Gaze if his head is fully exposed. As such, one may avoid the Stone Gaze by obstructing Snyphurr's headroom prior to its usage. In addition, his head seems to be highly sensible to pain; a single bottle hit on the head was enough to dispose temorarly of him.
  • He is big and rather slow, and as a result an easy target to hit.
  • Once Snyphurr is defeated, all the victims turned into stone beforehand will return to normal.


  • When Doc Jarate created Weaselcake, the latter was revealed to be the estranged brother of Snyphurr.

Notable Videos

The Snyphurr Saga


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