Scurry Scrumpy
Scurry scrumpy Tf2 Freakshow Wiki
Creator TheColorRedpwns
Creation May 12th, 2013
Debut Scurry Scrumpy Messes
with (and kills) someone
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Mischievous
Fighting style Short to mid-range
Abilities Defying physics
Weaknesses Vary
Status Alive
Occupation Trickster/Prankster

Scurry Scrumpy is a mischievous RED Demoman TF2 Freak created by YouTube user TheColorRedpwns, mostly known as BriefCasey795

His main theme is Buzzy Beetle Boss from "Paper Mario: Sticker Star", and his attack theme is Horã Moldoveneasca de Joc from "Rabbids Go Home".

Appearance and Personality

Scurry Scrumpy is a RED Demoman with a quite lanky physique who sports A Whiff of the Old Brimstone, the Liquor Locker, Ali Baba's Wee Booties, and the Glengarry Bonnet. He is also armed with a multi-functional Scottish Resistance, which allows him to use most of his abilities.

Scurry Scrumpy is mainly mischievous, and likes to cause madness and craziness. Due to his wacky personality, usually, when he appears, he can be seen in a weird, or crazy pose. Scurry Scrumpy is also agile, and flexible, allowing him to bend, move, and jump in any odd way possible. 

Powers and Abilities

Scurry Scrumpy has the power to defy physics, and even break the 4th wall sometimes. Since he is armed with a multi-functional Scottish Resistance, it allows him to do things vital to his movements. (Ex. Teleportation) As the name suggests, the multi-functional Scottish Resistance not only works like a normal Scottish Resistance, but it can be used as several other things, such as a vacuum, laser gun, snowball launcher, etc. However, it cannot use the abilities of other freaks.

When he finds a target to mess with or prank, He will appear in a physics defying fashion and greet his target by saying who he is, followed by a random act. He will then tease his victim for some time until he's satisfied, or conflicted with. If there is conflict, he will then proceed to use his multi-functional Scottish Resistance to capture the victim with the vacuum functionality, and then humiliate the victim elsewhere. (Ex. Throwing the victim into a sewer) Depending on the situation, he will either teleport away afterwards, or laugh at the victim's misfortune. If there is still conflict, (Which is usually the case.) then he will proceed to kill the victim, usually using the regular stickybomb function. It should also be noted that if Scurry Scrumpy ends up killing someone, it can be anyone regardless of team. He can also be angered instantly if he is rudely awoken when he is sleeping, where he will proceed to use the vacuum function of his weapon to capture whoever disturbed him. However, unlike humiliating the victim, he will do ANYTHING to dispose of whoever disturbed him, regardless of location. Usually, he just launches the person off elsewhere, but if he's on an airplane or anything similar, he will throw them out the window/door. Sometimes, he can also appear unexpectedly, cause breif mischeif, and then teleport away, sometimes staying within the vicinity to see what happens, depending on the mischief he causes.

If Scurry Scrumpy finds someone that seems to match his tastes, he will try to befriend whoever the person is. If it does not succeed, he will proceed to attempt to kill the victim, or leave; in a fit of rage. On the other hand, if successful, he'll respect his new friend and sometimes joke around with him/her/it. However, so far, he has no allies.

Faults and Weaknesses

Due to Scurry Scrumpy being a unique and unusual Demoman, he has almost the same weaknesses as a regular Demoman. However, he is hard to damage due to his movements. If he is disarmed, being that his multi-functional Scottish Resistance is his only weapon, he will proceed to attack with his bare hands. But if he's facing off against a group, he's vulnerable and powerless, as he can be easily overpowered if there is no one to aid him.

If Scurry Scrumpy takes damage to the head, depending on how hard it hit, he will be stunned for a short time, but this also makes him vulnerable to damage. Also, since Scurry Scrumpy will target almost anyone he feels like pranking, he could end up pranking the wrong person, possibly a dangerous freak, and could result in immediate death. Some freaks might not kill him, but cause some misfortune to him.

Scurry Scrumpy also has a secret weak spot that almost no one is aware of; his crotch. It could be possible he is in weird poses all the time to prevent it from becoming vulnerable. If he does end up getting hit in the crotch, his eyes will widen, and he will stop whatever he is doing and stay stuck in whatever pose he was in before getting hit. A few seconds later, he will turn red, and his head will shake, and let out a strange yell before his torso explodes; resulting in an instant kill.


Scurry Scrumpy DVTGO10G

Scurry Scrumpy as he appears in Derpy VS The Gang of 10 Greeds; Before becoming a freak.

  • Scurry Scrumpy originally wasn't a freak at all. He was originally a random creation filler by BriefCasey795 in a GMod tennis with TheInvertedShadow called "Derpy VS The Gang of 10 Greeds". This was because he could not think of anyone to use for the next part, so he thought up of a Demoman with various cosmetic items on it. His look was also slightly different from his current look, as he sported "The Team Captain" instead of "The Glengarry Bonnet". This was changed to prevent possible unintended alliances with RubberFruit in future uses. He also wore the "Merc's Pride Scarf". Months later, Casey decided to turn his creation into an actual freak, borrowing many things used in the tennis round to serve as things for Scurry Scrumpy. (Theme, movements, etc)
  • The fact that Scurry Scrumpy wasn't originally a freak but later made into one is a similar case to Stu Pidface's creation, where he also wasn't originally a freak, but later made into one.

Notable Videos

By the creator of the Freak

By Other people

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