Scout exe
Creator Weegeetnik
Creation March 24th 2013
Debut scout.exe (DeviantArt)
Type Demon
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Sadistic
Fighting style Short Range
Abilities High Speed
Scary Abilities
Weaknesses Unknown
Status Alive
Occupation Play 'n' Scare

Scout.exe is a BLU Scout TF2 Freak created by Weegeetnik, more specifically as a Creepypasta linked to the Garry's Mod and Team Fortress 2 universes.


Scout.exe appears as an average BLU Scout, with darker clothing, pale skin, covered in blood, has more detailed texturing, and has grey sclerae with red pupils.

His eyes are also bleeding, with the blood's texturing also looking much more detailed than TF2's regular artstyle.


He is both sadistic and mad, haunting as much maps as possible. His main activities consists of capturing people and other Freaks, most likely to kill them.

From the few glimpses we've seen of him, he seems to possess a stalker-type personality, preferring to creep up on his victims before attacking and/or killing them.

Powers and Abilities

Scout.exe can modify the world around him to make it seem stereotypically scary (blood and gibs on surfaces, dark sky, for example).

He also can teleport himself and his victims to another destination. As a staple for any Scout, he can move fast, and he appears to be slightly stronger than an ordinary Scout, though with barely any close-up appearances, it's hard to verify this.

Scout exe 2

The original representation of Scout.exe seen on DeviantArt.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Despite being more resistant than an ordinary Scout, he is still weak to very powerful attacks.
  • It is known that he only attacks lone people and Freaks, so he will never try to attack groups, assuming people of this group are powerful and numerous enough.
  • He has no ranged abilities, so people and Freaks with ranged attacks may be able to take him out.


  • Scout.exe is inspired by the famous creepypasta, Sonic.exe.
  • This monster used to have the default Scout model, modified with the Paint tool before getting his own model and texture, made by YouTube user Swiff. The Steam Workshop release can be found here.
  • He is more known on DeviantArt and became a mod for Freak Fortress, as seen in this video.

Notable videos

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