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Painis Cupcake's Revenge
Author Kugawattan
Genre Duel/Revenge
Original run December 27, 2011 - July 15, 2012
No. of episodes 3
Runtime 21:18 minutes
Protagonist Painis Cupcake
Heroes Solgineer

Intelligent Heavy

Antagonist Christian Brutal Sniper

Dic Soupcan
The Bugler Vagineer

Villains Seeldier


Painis Cupcake's Revenge is a YouTube video series made by user Kugawattan.

It tells the story of how Painis Cupcake battles a number of certain TF2 Freaks who have defeated him in the past.



The Main Cast. Painis Cupcake on the left, and his rivals on the right: Vagineer, Seeman, Weaselcake, Dic Soupcan and Christian Brutal Sniper

Part 1

In the RED Spawn Room, Painis Cupcake broods over his humiliating defeats at the hands of other freaks (Particularly Christian Brutal Sniper, Seeman, Weaselcake, Dic Soupcan, and Vagineer). Missing his days of being the number-one freak, he sets out on a quest for revenge...

In Part 1, Painis kills CBS and Seeman in quick succession (sending Seeldier flying into the horizon, presumably killing him as well). The highlight of this video is Painis's confrontation with Weaselcake, where he shows just how much of an advantage experience can be; he comes up with ways to counter every one of Weaselcake's abilities, due to him experiencing them before.

Exhausted after his victory over Weaselcake, Painis heads in the direction of a commotion. He encounters Solgineer, who is currently being pestered by a Scout. Painis eats the Scout, and in return, Solgineer lets Painis use his Dispenser to heal up. He explains how he is on a "trip" to get revenge, and decides that his next target will be Dic Soupcan...

Part 2

Part 2 takes place in arena_ravine, where several freaks are going about their daily business. Painis arrives and spies upon Dic Soupcan as he slumbers. Not even able to sleep without drinking regularly, Dic subconsciously tries to drink from his scrumpy, only to wake up and realize that it's not there. He finds Painis Cupcake, who has stolen his scrumpy in order to get him angry. Painis and Dic struggle to get the upper hand over each other, with Painis having a slightly harder time doing so, even when Dic (literally) loses his head. However, he eventually manages to trick the demonic drunkard into blowing himself up, and Painis gets to enjoy some flavorful roasted Demoman.

Later, while Painis naps off his latest meal, Intelligent Heavy shows up, frantically running and calling for help. He accidentally steps on the resting cannibal, and then only seems to notice Painis because of his yelling. Intelligent Heavy calls Painis's attention to his friend Spyper, who has been turned to stone. Painis realizes that this is likely Snyphurr's doing and, seeing how he wanted to deal with Snyphurr (and by extension Vagineer) anyway, he decides to help Intelligent Heavy return Spyper to normal. As a symbol of this unexpected alliance, Intelligent Heavy offers Painis Cupcake a Sandvich, and the final act draws near...

Part 3

During a nightime in ctf_doublecross, Polite Spy converses with Ninjineer while a cloaked Gentlespy arrives on the bridge nearby. He suddenly notices The Bugler Vagineer sitting on Snyphurr and reading a newspaper and runs away.

Shortly afterwards Painis Cupcake, Intelligent Heavy and the petrified Spyper come to the place. Painis orders Intelligent Heavy to remain in a safe place, and then engages the malformed BLU Freaks.

Vagineer is promptly knocked out. Snyphurr attempts to turn Painis Cupcake into stone, but Painis blocks his head with his shovel and struggles with the large Freak. He rides Snyphurr into crashing into a wall, hitting his weak point with massive strength. After being done with him, The Bugler Vagineer recovers and Painis proclaims he will eat him.

Spyper returns to normal after Snyphurr's defeat, and Intelligent Heavy is overcome with joy. Meanwhile, the final confrontation between Painis Cupcake and BLU Vagineer starts. Painis initially holds the upper hand, but enrages the Vagineer enough to even the odds. Eventually, the malformed Engineer is able to constrain Painis with ropes, and comically chases him all over the area. After finally cornering him, Vagineer temporarily knocks his opponent out.

In the meantime, Intelligent Heavy becomes worried about Painis Cupcake, but is comforted by Spyper. Suddenly, they are approached by angered Demopan, who seeks revenge for his past defeat. Spyper tries to eliminate him, though he is unable to team kill. However, Demopan can and quickly overpowers him.

Painis Cupcake activates his self-ubercharge and breaks free from his ties. He then proceeds to pummel the BLU Vagineer, who is unable to resist Painis' full power. Before the final blow can be dealt, though, Intelligent Heavy calls for Painis' help.

Demopan is surprised and promptly killed and eaten, but Painis' ubercharge wears off. Vagineer drags Painis back to the battle, and their struggle resumes for the final time.

The fight is intense, and just as Vagineer seems to gain ground, his detachable limbs are caught by Painis and The Bugler ends up hanging over a seemingly bottomless abyss. Vagineer's ropes are severed and he plummets to his death. Painis Cupcake proclaims his victory and indulges in a joyful dance.


  • The chase scene between Vagineer and Painis Cupcake in Part 3 is based on the Tricky Treasure chases in Rayman Origins.
  • Demopan swearing revenge on Intelligent Heavy is a reference to the outcome of the fourth Freak Fight.
  • Vagineer enlarging his head and striking Painis with it in Part 3 is a reference to KernCore's Seeman vs. Vagineer.
  • Painis Cupcake's victory dance is Heavy's in RubberFruit and Rhapsidous' Heavy's Tiny Picnic Adventure.


  • In Part 2, Freak cameos include MeeM, Nnnngh Sniper, Dangerous Bacon, Sewer Medic, and Heavydile, the last two being a reference to the then-upcoming Heavydile VS Sewer Medic Freak Fight by LEtheCreator.
  • In Part 3, Freak cameos include Ninjineer, Polite Spy, Soupcock Porkpie and Gentlespy. A MeeM can also be spotted in a brief moment hiding in a small stand behind Painis Cupcake.
  • Although the series concluded at Part 3, the creator of the series was planning on making two short "in-between" parts, one of them between Parts 1-2, and the other between 2-3. However, the idea was scrapped due to some problems.

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