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The R.S.C.F (Red-Special-Combat-Force) Is an elite group of Red Team Mercenaries, they are tasked with Special and Dangerous missions against blues, or other threats against Red Team, Led by Captain Blaze Bit.

Major Members list: 1. Lt. Blaze Bit (The Medic Aka: The Leader) 2. Cpt. Mini-Gun (The Heavy) 3. LCpl. Drunken Sailor (The Demo man) 4. Cpl. Techy (The Engineer) 5. Cpl. Kraken (The Soldier)

Major Members Descriptions:

Cpt. Blaze Bit: Starting off his tour of duty as a simple medic, he was never really a great healer. But he had a incredible combat potential. Which raised him in the ranks regardless whether he is a good healer or not. He formed the R.S.C.F to work towards organizing the Redmond's Private Military of Mercenaries.

2. Sgt. Mini-Gun: First joining the Red Team as a heavy, he wanted to become the best of the best. He was picked on by the other heavy's because he was defeated many times in-combat. But from this defeat comes great experience. The more he fought, the better he became, which gave him a grave title in The Red Team. He met Blaze Bit and befriended him, and when Blaze Bit formed the R.S.C.F, he was the first recruited. For he saw Mini-Gun's combat potential, and as well from the fact they are good friends.

3. LCpl. Drunken Sailor: A simple demo-man with, as many other demo-man's a heavy drinking problem. This caused him to be in-effective in combat. which earned him the title of "Drunken Sailor." but then came along Blaze Bit. He helped Drunken Sailor overcome his massive drinking problem (or atleast making sure he doesn't drink too much) and with his problem overcome, was able to improve his skills in combat. Which earned him a spot in The R.S.C.F

4. Cpl. Techy: Techy was a Engineer. he just sat around all day with his sentries while they shot at Blue's he always placed his sentries in strategic positions so they it would be hard for spies to stop the sentries. But while other Engineers loved their sentries killing their foes on the battlefield, he was bored of this. He wanted to do more, he was a Engineer for Christ sake! so he took a break from his Tour of Duty to focus on creating new technology and weapons. He created many crazy and smart contraptions, which earned him the title of Techy. He also improved his combat potential, because he didn't like standing around guarding his sentries. With this combat potential he met Blaze Bit, be-befriended him, and when the R.S.C.F was formed, Earned him a spot.

5. Cpl. Kraken: Starting off his Tour of Duty as a simple soldier. He was at first very clumsy. He sometimes accidentally fired his rockets, he fell from stairs. and Sometimes accidentally pulled the pin of the grenades, and he would never notice it. But as like Mini-Gun, he gained experience to the point he was a good soldier. He earned himself the title Kraken for his might in tipping down the enemies he faces. His reputation earned him a spot on the R.S.C.F and will most likely rise to be one of the great soldiers.


Blaze Bit: Overkill: this modified version of the Overdose removes the -10 Damage penalty and replaces with a +15 Damage, however, the rate of fire is reduced. Oktober Saw: Improving the firing rate from -20 to -5 makes this weapon more deadly, however, the 25+ Uber-charge on hit trait is removed, replaced by 5+ Movement speed. Blitzleg: A modified version of the Vaccinator, providing 10+ Ubercharge duration when activating, however -75 Over heal build.

Cpt. Mini-Gun Moshava: A modified version of the Natasha, grants a +20 Damage, but only has a 50% Chance of slowing the target, and a 30% Spin-up time. American-Style: A full-length shotgun that has a 5+ Damage, but a -5 Reload time. Fists of Fury: His own fists, which do 45+ Damage but a -10 firing rate.

LCpl. Drunken Sailor. The Modern: A modern like Gernade Launcher, which does 10+ Damage and 5+ Splash damage, but a -5 Reload time, and no critical hits. Scottish Resistance: Just the ordinary Scottish resistance with its original traits, he may upgrade eventually. Good'ol rum: His favorite brand of alcohol, which does a +5 Damage, but a 2- Firing rate.

Cpl. Techy The Advance: A modified version of The Windowmaker, with a Red Color, it does +5 Damage but does not return the damage it does as ammo, only -10 Ammo is lost per shot.

Hand-Canon: A big pistol which does +5 Damage, but -2 Accuracy and -50 Clip Size.

Engineering Intuition: A modified version of the Southern Hospitality. (With a redder color) which has a +5 Chance of a critical hit, and only +5 Fire Damage, however -10 Health.

Cpl. Kraken: Big Boy: A modified verison of The Black Box, it does 10+ Damage, but only +5 Health gain per hit, and will lose -3 Health per two seconds on wearer.

Patriotic Parody: A modified version of the shotgun (A redder color), which does +10 Damage, but -3 Clip Size, aswell as a -5 Critical Hit chance.

Grave-Filler: A modified version of The Market Gardener (A redder color) which does +2 Damage, and a +5 firing rate, removes the traits on air jumping.

Together, they will ensure that Redmond gets his victory on the battlefield, with new members to come, and more glory!


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